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Move for Hunger Helps Families in Need

The holiday season is a joyous time of year for people to spend with their loved ones and to celebrate each other’s company. It is also a time of year in which many people donate time, gifts, or money to those that are less fortunate. In that spirit, I thought I would use this post to mention a partnership that we at Alaska Terminals are very proud of. Alaska Terminals is affiliated with a fantastic non-profit organization called Move for Hunger. We have teamed up with Move for Hunger to help our customers donate their unwanted food to the local food bank when they move. In 2015, we were able to help our customers donate just under 2000 lbs of food! Here’s how it works:

The cost of moving to or from Alaska is typically calculated based on the weight of goods being moved. Customers often spend time before their move liquidating items that they no longer need or that aren't cost effective to ship. Non-perishable food items are often heavy and bulky, and relatively cheap to replace, so customers oftentimes throw out food rather than pay for the shipping. Move for Hunger offers us at Alaska Terminals the tools to make donating that very same food quite easy.

During the move process, our movers will bring out a couple of Move for Hunger stickers which can be placed on boxes that we provide free of charge. These boxes are packed full of non-perishable food items that our movers then bring back to our warehouse. We consolidate these items and deliver them to the local food bank for distribution among families in need in our community. The goal of this partnership is to make food donation simple and carefree for all of our customers.

Although we and our customers were able to donate almost 2000 lbs of food in 2015, our goals are much higher this year. Hopefully we can continue to help make food donation easy for our customers in 2016 and beyond in order to do our small part in helping local families in need.

If you are not moving in the near future but would still like to make a donation, you can visit Move for Hunger to read more about Move for Hunger or you can visit the Food Bank of Alaska’s website in order to donate or look for drop off locations for food donations.

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