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Moving Throughout Alaska

One of the interesting things about our job, is that no two moves are the same. As our summer season has heated up, we have relocated customers to and from communities all across Alaska. Recent moves have taken us to communities on the Alaska road system, such as Homer, Soldotna, Valdez, and McCarthy and also to fly-in communities such as King Salmon, Kotzebue, McGrath, and Dutch Harbor. While driving and flying all over Alaska, we have also found the time to move local customers in and around Anchorage and our surrounding areas. Each of these moves provides their own unique set of challenges.

To those that don’t reside in Alaska, this may seem like a foreign concept. After all, there aren’t many locations around the contiguous United States that aren’t reachable via the road system. In Alaska, highways only reach small portions of our state. And while the heavily populated areas are reachable via the road system, there are a vast number of communities that are only reachable via air or sea. We can often ship goods with an air carrier like Northern Air Cargo, but sometimes that is not even an option. In these cases, we have to be more creative.

Some of our most unique moves in recent years required us to move goods via barges in order to reach the residences. Pedro Bay is a community that looks to be only a hop away from Homer as the crow flies, but in actuality it is disconnected entirely from our highway system. We recently moved a customer into his beautiful lake home, but the move was not without it’s challenges. In order to get this customer their goods, we had to use a barge service to cross the vast lake. Here you can see our vehicles loaded on barges preparing for delivery.

Big Lake is recreational lake an hour or so north of Anchorage. Although the lake is typically bustling with activity, there are a number of residences that aren’t connected to the road system. In the winter, you can drive on makeshift ice roads on the frozen lake to reach the properties, but in our case, we were moving goods to this residence in the early fall. Again, we had to utilize a barge in order to make safe transit across.

Luckily, our office staff and movers have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to provide moving services in any of Alaska's far off corners. All of our movers are drug tested and background checked to ensure the high standards of quality that we require. If you or a friend are planning a move in the near future call today for a free rate quote!

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